Molten Metal Filtering Device

The molten metal filtering device can prevent the molten metal from solidifying and clogging due to the oxide film entering the surface of the molten metal or the temperature drop of the filter medium itself.

The molten metal filter medium is made of porous ceramic material in the shape of a flat plate. This filter medium has a large filtering capacity and can effectively process a large amount of molten metal continuously produced in the furnace.

In a traditional filter device, the molten metal flows down to the filter medium. During the process of switching from one furnace to another or after the filtering operation ends, when the flow of molten metal from the furnace into the filter device is stopped, the molten metal remaining in the filter device flows away from the device through the filter medium. For this reason, the filter medium is exposed to ambient air. At this time, the filter medium may be blocked in the filter device due to the aluminum oxide film. The oxide film formed on the surface of the molten metal in contact with the surrounding air flows into the filter medium together with the remaining molten metal and adheres to the medium. The filter media can also become clogged because the melt sticks to the media due to the drop in temperature.

Traditional molten metal filtering equipment, especially those used to filter and melt the metal produced by multiple continuous operation smelting furnaces, the problem of solidification that cannot be operated is given enough consideration for the molten metal filter, while the equipment keeps happening from One smelting furnace is switched to another smelting furnace, and the problem of damage to the filter medium due to this solidification.

Moreover, in the conventional filter device, when the used filter medium is exposed to the air and cooled to a lower temperature, it must be replaced with a new filter medium. When a conventional filter device is actually used, the filter medium incorporated therein is not easily changed under the high temperature of the operation of the device.

The batch operation includes the steps of smelting metal, especially aluminum in the form of ingots, in a furnace, filtering the produced molten metal with a filter medium, and charging the filtered molten metal to produce slabs or billets. Recently, in order to improve the productivity of this operation and ensure energy saving, efforts are being made to shorten the interval between continuous batch operations of the smelting furnace. When the interval between the intermittent operations of the smelting furnace is to be shortened, there will be no extra time to allow the temperature of the filter to rise, and the filter medium and the filter medium of the filter device using the filter medium fall sufficiently. Therefore, the filter medium must be replaced while maintaining the filter medium at its high temperature. Therefore, this work proved to be dangerous. In addition, in a conventional filter device in which a filter medium made of a porous ceramic material and not easily wetted by molten metal is arranged, a lag occurs between the time when the molten metal reaches the filter medium exposed to the air.

Therefore, there has long been a need to develop a device that allows easy and safe replacement of filter media. Moreover, in order to make full use of the advantageous characteristics of filter media made of porous ceramic materials, that is, large filtering capacity and effective treatment of continuous large amounts of molten metal, it is necessary to develop a device capable of reducing the frequency. How to replace this filter medium.

Filter Device for Molten Aluminum

AdTech provides a filter device for molten metal such as molten aluminum, which enables the filter medium to be attached to and removed from it without difficulty, and provides adequate protection for the ceramic foam filter medium.

A horizontal section is provided in the filter housing formed in the flow path used as the molten metal, the horizontal section has at least one filter setting hole transitioning therein, and the filter frame is placed therein. The filter in which the filter medium is placed in an appropriate position is installed in the filter mounting hole in such a way that the upper filter frame protrudes from the upper surface of the horizontal section. Above the filter, therefore, the frame protruding from the horizontal segment provides a convenient means, and therefore, the filter medium used in the filter device can be easily replaced without damage.

Since the filter medium is constantly immersed in the molten metal, it is isolated from the outside air. Since the filter device for molten aluminum does not need to take time to make the filter medium wait during switching from one furnace to another, this operation can increase productivity. Therefore, the operation through the filter device does not involve the wasteful release of heat energy, so it greatly saves energy.

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