Alu Melt Purification, Online Degassing and Filtration

As we all know, Alu melt purification is generally divided into furnace purification and online purification according to the time sequence of its purification treatment.

Furnace refining refers to the process in which the aluminum alloy melt is refined in the furnace to achieve the effect of purifying the aluminum alloy melt. Its working principle is the chemical reaction between the gas and the impurities in the aluminum alloy melt to achieve the impurity and aluminum separation of alloy melt, purification of aluminum alloy melt.

On-line purification is a method of purifying molten aluminum in the alloy casting process, which mainly includes online degassing and online filtration (such as rotor degassing, tube/plate/deep bed filtration).

Alu Melt Purification

The acquisition of high-quality metallurgical melt requires a good match between furnace purification and online purification. However, it should be noted that the online purification treatment of molten aluminum is a continuous process. The residence time of molten aluminum in the purification equipment is limited, resulting in a narrow window for the quality control process of molten aluminum, and its purification effect is overly dependent on equipment. At the same time, it is treated in molten aluminum. There are also bottlenecks in volume.

At the same time, online purification is more sensitive to the purification in the furnace. If the degree of purification of the molten aluminum in the furnace cannot meet the requirements of the subsequent process, it will have a great impact on the online purification, drastically reducing the efficiency of the online purification of the molten aluminum, and thus cannot guarantee the subsequent casting. The metallurgical quality of the billet.

In addition, the incomplete purification of the furnace will reduce the unit aluminum liquid processing capacity of the online purification device, and the purification effect cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the processing objects of furnace purification and online purification have their own emphasis. From the perspective of the size of inclusions, the processing objects of furnace purification are generally large-sized inclusions with a particle size greater than 40μm, while online purification mainly focuses on the size effect on the small Particle inclusions and efficient furnace purification are of great benefit to the service life and purification efficiency of the online purification device.

Therefore, high-efficiency furnace purification treatment is a key process of Alu melt purification, and it can also create favorable conditions for subsequent online purification; online purification is an effective supplement to furnace purification and can further purify molten aluminum.

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