Aluminum Melt Purification Method, Online Dgeassing System

Aluminum melt purification method adopts the bubble floatation method for three refinings, blowing N2+ high-temperature treatment agent into the melt, and on-line purification outside the furnace uses CCl4+N2 to be sprayed through the graphite rotor rotating, and the slag is pulled out in time to ensure the quality of the melt. After a series of aluminum purification method treatments, the hydrogen content in the melt can be controlled within 0.12ml/100gAl.

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Aluminum Melt Purification Method

The hydrogen content in the aluminum melt of the cast-rolled plate is generally specified to not exceed 0.15ml/100g. Due to reasons such as raw materials, humidity, or tools that are not preheated, too much gas remains in the solution in the aluminum melt, causing defects such as micropores, air holes, and air channels in the cast-rolled sheet.

The main reasons for the excessive hydrogen content are:

(1) There is moisture on the surface of the cold material returned to the furnace;
(2) The melting temperature is too high, and the aluminum melt easily absorbs moisture in the air;
(3) Moisture generated when heating with liquefied petroleum gas;
(4) The nitrogen introduced into the degassing box contains moisture.

For these reasons, during the operation, attention should be paid to control the temperature of the aluminum melt, do a good job of degassing the aluminum melt, and do not use liquefied gas heating as much as possible. At the same time, strictly control the nitrogen production process to make its purity meet the requirements.

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