Aluminium Melting Refining, Refining Agent for Casting

Aluminium Melting Refining can degas and remove impurities, making aluminum alloy solution more pure and improving its mechanical properties.

There are many considerations when adding refiners. The following describes the specific use method.

Hydrogen and floating oxide slag can be effectively removed by adding appropriate amount of aluminum smelting agent.

The main reason is that the refining agent is easy to decompose at high temperature, especially the gas produced is prone to chemical reaction, and the strong adsorption capacity of slag can let hydrogen escape from the melt, so it can play an obvious slag removal effect.

Aluminium Melting Refining

The use of refining agents is relatively simple, you can know more about their use before use.

Especially evenly sprinkled on the liquid surface, quickly pressed into liquid aluminum, fully stirred to stand, and then slag.

In addition, in the process of use can be used to spray, preferably with inert gas injection. The amount used is about 0.3% by weight of liquid aluminum. If the purity of liquid aluminum is higher, see more refiners.

The spraying method of Aluminium Melting Refining has a larger contact area with aluminum liquid. The powder refiner is sprayed into the solution through a duster.

When spraying, nitrogen and argon are generally used as carriers, and a large number of dispersed bubbles will be formed in aluminum alloy solution. In the process of bubble floating, liquid aluminum will fully contact, timely removal of gas and inclusion in liquid aluminum.

Adding refining agent should be added according to the weight of liquid aluminum, because too much or too little will affect the performance of aluminum alloy, so it must be calculated before adding.

During the operation of the refining agent, the operator should control the refining flow freely through the barometer and powder feeder, so as to control the rolling degree of liquid aluminum and reduce secondary pollution.

The amount of refining agent is 0.10-0.20%, which should be selected according to the actual situation in the process of use.

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