Aluminum Refining Agent Uses for Smelting Furnace

Aluminum Refining Agent Uses: The refining agent is a white powder or granular flux, which is generally prepared by mixing various inorganic salts after drying treatment in a certain proportion. It plays a very important role in many metal smelting processes. By adding a refining agent, the hydrogen and floating oxidized slag inside the aluminum liquid can be effectively removed, so that the aluminum liquid can be purer. Moreover, the refining agent is easily decomposed at high temperature to generate new gas, which is easy to react with hydrogen, which can make the slag quickly escape from the melt, and has the effect of a slag cleaning agent.

Aluminum Refining Agent Uses

Generally, the refining flux is sprayed, which has a more contact area with the aluminum liquid. The powdered refining agent is sprayed into the solution through a powder sprayer. Generally, nitrogen and argon are used as carriers for spraying. A large number of dispersed bubbles will be formed in the aluminum alloy melt, and they will be in full contact with the aluminum melt during the floating process of the bubbles to clear the gas and inclusions in the aluminum liquid in time.

The refining agent should be added according to the weight of the aluminum liquid, because too much or too little will affect the properties of the aluminum alloy, so calculations must be made before adding. During the operation of the refining agent, the operator should freely control the refining flow through the barometer and the powder feeder, so as to control the tumbling degree of the molten aluminum and reduce secondary pollution.

The amount of refining agent added is 0.10-0.20%, and customers should choose according to actual conditions during use. After the refining agent is added, it must be fully stirred to fully play the role of the refining agent. The specific slag removal and pouring should be determined according to the situation. Generally, pouring is carried out in advance, but the residue cannot be poured in.

The above is an introduction to the aluminum refining agent uses. The refining agent contains a variety of metal elements, which play a very important role in the smelting of aluminum alloy. After adding it, it can also change the properties of aluminum alloy and make it more widely used, so the refining agent is essential in aluminum alloy smelting.

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