Grain Refining Aluminum Alloy by Refining Sprayer

Grain refining aluminum alloy is a powdery particle, which is sprayed by a carrier gas (nitrogen or argon) through a special powder refining sprayer to the bottom of the aluminum molten pool, forming many bubbles in the aluminum liquid, and the bubbles rise from the aluminum liquid mobile. bottom.
During the floating process, it is in complete contact with the aluminum melt. Through physical and chemical action, the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum are brought to the surface of the molten aluminum to achieve the purpose of simultaneous degassing and slag removal.
After a large number of industrial tests, it has been proved that this refined preparation has a significant effect on the degassing and slag removal of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Grain Refining Aluminum Alloy

Adaptation range and dosage of grain refining aluminum alloy
1. General spraying agent: when the slag gas content is high, degas and remove slag for non-high magnesium aluminum alloy and pure aluminum.
2. Degassing powder spraying agent: all aluminum alloys except high magnesium are mainly degassed and used to seriously pollute furnace materials. The gas content in the melt is high, and the bubbles in the casting are the main quality.
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3. Slag removal powder spraying agent: mainly used for slag removal, used for large surface area, high content of oxide inclusions, mainly in the melt of crushed fine materials of non-metallic inclusions in castings.
Main quality problem occasions.
4. Refining: both degassing and slag removal have refining functions, suitable for aluminum alloys with pure aluminum and aluminum-silicon alloy content less than 4%
5. Refining and modification: Al-Si alloy, degassing, slag removal and modification.

Characteristics of aluminum slagging agent
The operation is simple and convenient, reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the utilization rate of the refining agent, and effectively realizes the slag, degassing and purification.

1. Control the powder feeding speed by opening the size of the switch at the bottom of the refining tank, and spray flux as much as possible during refining.
2. Control the stirring height of molten aluminum by controlling the nitrogen pressure. Under the premise of not blocking, the stirring degree is better, preferably below 15cm.

Advantages of grain refinement aluminum alloy products
1. Aluminum and aluminum alloy concentrates are powdered particles, and the contact area with the molten aluminum of the bulk concentrates is larger.
2. Good degassing and slag removal effect. The refining sprayed to the bottom of the molten pool and the bottom of the furnace has physical and chemical reactions, which can melt the alumina and separate the slag from the aluminum.
The gas is brought to the surface of the molten aluminum to keep the bottom of the furnace clean, which greatly reduces the number of furnace cleanings, improves the utilization rate of the furnace, and reduces labor intensity
At the same time, degassing separates oxides and impurities from the melt, and the formed slag is dried and easily separated from the metal, which improves the utilization rate of the metal and reduces the furnace on the furnace wall.
The adhesion of slag helps the cleaning and maintenance of the furnace and improves the working environment.

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