Refined Agent for Aluminum Dross Removal in Furnace

Refined agent contains adsorptive and melting compounds, which can strongly adsorb and fuse oxides and aluminum dross.
These foreign substances are adsorbed on the bubbles and brought to the surface of the molten aluminum as the bubbles rise.
In this way, molten aluminum will become pure by degassing and removing slag.

Refined Agent

Dubai Aluminum uses a special refined dust collector to spray it through carrier gas (nitrogen or argon) to the bottom of the molten pool.
A large number of bubbles are formed at the bottom of the molten aluminum, and when the bubbles float upward from the bottom, they are in complete contact with the melt.
Through physical and chemical action, the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum are brought to the surface of the molten aluminum, and the purpose of degassing and slag removal is achieved at the same time.
After a large number of applications of Adtech refined fluxes, Dubai Aluminum has proven that this refined formulation has a significant effect on the degassing and slag removal of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Refined agent is white powder or uniform particles. It is made by drying various inorganic salts and mixing them in a certain proportion. It is mainly used to remove floating oxide slag in hydrogen and molten aluminum.

The refining agent used in the aluminum alloy smelting process must meet the following conditions.
1. The melting point should be lower than aluminum alloy.
2. The specific gravity should be less than aluminum alloy.
3. It can absorb and dissolve the inclusions in the melt, and can remove gas from the melt.
4. It should not be chemically active with metal and furnace lining. If it interacts with metal, it should only produce inert gas that is insoluble in metal, and Foundry Flux should be insoluble in molten metal.
5. Low moisture absorption and low evaporation pressure.
6. It should not contain or produce harmful impurities and gases.
7. It should have proper viscosity and fluidity.

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