Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys,Refining Flux

Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys are new environmentally friendly product used for the smelting and purification of molten aluminum, which can reduce the emission of harmful substances during melting and refining, and reduce the physical impact on the operators. At the same time, the refining effect is stronger than ordinary refining agents. It is suitable for factories near residential areas and enterprises that pay more attention to environmental protection.

When using refining flux, add the required amount of Grain Refining flux to the refining tank and cover it, turn on the refining tank, and let nitrogen gas flow. When the refining pipe is sprayed with refining agent, it can be inserted into the furnace. And move slowly and evenly around the furnace 2-3 times. When the powder in the tank is completely sprayed out, first draw the refining tube from the aluminum liquid, and then turn off the nitrogen.

Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys

Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloys are also widely used in real life. In particular, enterprises have relatively high requirements for the material specifications of aluminum products. Therefore, when aluminum products are smelted, an appropriate amount of refining agent is also added, and magnesium, rare earths, etc. can also be added. Metal elements greatly increase the performance advantages of aluminum alloy.

It can be made into aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy according to actual production needs. These new materials have particularly good corrosion resistance and anti-skid properties, and there will be no oxidation.

Adding an appropriate amount of Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys when smelting aluminum products can effectively remove the hydrogen contained in the aluminum liquid and the floating oxidized slag.

The main reason is that the refining agent is easy to decompose at high temperatures, especially the produced gas is prone to chemical reactions, and the strong adsorption capacity of slag inclusion can allow hydrogen to escape from the melt.

Therefore, it can play an obvious role in removing slag, and it is a good choice for enterprises with high requirements for smelting pure aluminum.

In fact, the usage method of Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys is relatively simple. You can learn more about its usage before using it. Especially, evenly sprinkle it on the surface of the liquid, quickly press it into the molten aluminum, and perform slag removal after fully mixing and standing still.

In addition, in the process of use, you can use a sprayer, and it will be better to spray it with inert gas. The dosage is about 0.3% of the weight of the molten aluminum. If the purity of the molten aluminum is relatively high, you can add more aluminum alloy flux refining agent.

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