Grain Refinement of Aluminum, Molten Aluminum Refining

Grain Refinement of Aluminum

The grain refinement of aluminum alloy uses an inert gas (such as nitrogen) as a carrier, and the refined formula is sprayed into the molten aluminum alloy.

During the stirring, physical and chemical reactions occur due to impurities, absorption of oxides, hydrogen, etc., and the molten aluminum alloy with inert gas floats at the same time. Refining purpose of removing slag and gas on the surface of molten aluminum alloy.

The grain refinement of aluminum alloy can not only achieve the purpose of removing slag and gas, but also play an effective role of grain refinement. In the molten aluminum alloy, the grains are refined so that the grains are uniformly distributed in the molten aluminum alloy during the refining and degassing process.

The existing aluminum closed gold refining agent can only play a refining function of slag removal and degassing. In order to improve mechanical properties and processing properties, alloy additives must be added. The refining agent used in aluminum smelting can reduce or replace molten aluminum alloy, and intermediate bond modification and other processes are required to optimize the production process of aluminum alloy and improve the production efficiency of aluminum alloy.

Theoretically speaking, for molten aluminum alloys, the lower the moisture content during the refinement of aluminum alloys, the better, because moisture will be tightly combined with aluminum and react, leading to air respiration and oxidation.

The production technology and equipment of anhydrous refined preparations may become more complicated. Adding furnaces, decomposers, screening machines and relatively large detergents, etc., will double the production cost and product prices will become more common 2-3 Seconds, there is almost no market.

Therefore, after many experiments, our company’s technicians are considering production cost, production efficiency and product quality, and the percentage of moisture in the content model is controlled below 0.5%.

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