Casting Filter Australia, Ceramic Foam Filter for Foundry

Casting Filter Australia is characterized by corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, no dissolution of harmful substances and no secondary pollution.

Under the action of fluid pressure, the microhole is not deformed, easy to clean regeneration, long service life. Widely used in environmental protection of metallurgical enterprises.

Casting Filter Australia adopts a new process of precipitation + microporous ceramic Filter, which is novel in design, simple in structure, economical and practical, and has a suspended solids removal rate of more than 97%.

The COD removal rate is above 95%, and the concentration of suspended solids in effluent is generally about 10-50mg, all of which reach the first-level discharge standard.

Casting Filter Australia

Adtech is focused on casting ceramic foam filters. Its main products are high temperature resistant filtering materials, etc., used in aluminum processing industry, such as rod making, auto wheel, auto parts processing, etc.

After long-term development and innovation, the company has formed a series of products such as aluminum filter plate, filter cap, insulation cap and aluminum runner. Well received by the aluminum processing industry.

The company has strong technical force and perfect quality assurance system. This is a company that can completely reassure users.

We will be based on good faith, for the majority of users service.

  • Working temperature ≤1200℃
  • The porosity is 80 ~ 90%
  • Compressive strength (at room temperature) ≥ 1.0mpa
  • The bulk density of 0.5 g/cm3 or less
  • Thermal shock resistance 800°C

Malleable cast aluminum, aluminum alloy and non-ferrous metals, smoke absorption, sound absorption materials, catalyst carrier and environmental protection filter materials, special fillers, room temperature 5 times.

The eight elements affecting the properties of aluminum alloys are metal elements such as vanadium, calcium, lead, tin, bismuth, antimony, beryllium and sodium. Because of the different uses of the finished aluminum coil, the impurity elements added in the processing process are these impurity elements. Because the melting point is different, the structure is different, the compound formed by aluminum is also different, so the influence on the performance of aluminum alloy is different.

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