Ceramic Fiber Products Application in Furnace,Ceramic Fiber Blanket

In recent years, more and more ceramic fiber products have been used in iron and steel industry abroad, and their application scope is also expanding. The application of ceramic fiber lining in various industrial furnaces can save energy by 20% – 40%, and reduce the weight of industrial furnace by 90% and steel structure by 70%.

Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Products

At the same time, the application technology of ceramic fiber has been greatly developed. It is predicted that if the ceramic fiber products and their application technology are continuously improved, and the ceramic fiber furnace lining is tried to maintain the performance of the ceramic fiber before use, the energy consumption of the high-temperature industrial furnace with ceramic fiber lining can be reduced to the right again.

In addition, due to the application of polycrystalline alumina fiber and polycrystalline mullite fiber, the maximum service temperature of ceramic fiber lining has reached 1500 ~ 1600c. If the high temperature coating is applied on the ceramic fiber furnace lining, not only can the application range of the ceramic fiber furnace lining be extended, but also the maximum service temperature of the ceramic fiber furnace lining can be increased to 1800 ℃.

In the high temperature industrial furnace, the ceramic fiber lining with different materials and structures will produce different degrees of crystallization and sintering under the dual effects of fuel combustion products and high temperature. Among these materials, the use of aluminized ceramic fiber lining has the least change and the longest service life.

In terms of lining structure, ceramic fiber blanket or module lining and composite structure lining composed of ceramic fiber blanket and module are the best.

The method of coating high temperature coating on the surface of ceramic fiber furnace lining or setting up dense layer between ceramic fiber lining and each layer of fiber can prevent high temperature airflow from entering into the interior of the ceramic fiber furnace lining. Therefore, the heat insulation effect of furnace lining can be improved and the service life of furnace lining can be prolonged. The same effect can be achieved by sticking hard ceramic fiberboard or module on the high temperature side of ceramic fiber furnace lining.

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