Ceramic Fiber Plugs for Aluminium Casting,Tap Out Cone

Ceramic Fiber Plugs of vacuum-formed shape are made of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation cotton, vacuum modeling progress. The purpose of the development of this product is to make high-temperature performance and self-supporting shaped products. Ceramic fiber plug is to make specific products for any requirement, each product according to its shape and size, it needs to make a special mold, according to the performance requirements of products, chose binders and additives for the requirements. All products have low shrinkage within its operating temperature range, and maintain a high insulation, light-weight, and impact resistant characteristics. Ceramic fiber plugs are used to cast aluminum, and other metals. They need to be created for high-temperatures and need to be durable enough to continuously be in contact with molten metal. AdTech tap out cones offer excellent insulating properties and strength, combined with low fume generation.

Ceramic Fiber Plugs

Advantages of Ceramic Fiber Tap Out Cone

  1. Good thermal shock resistance
  2. High strength/weight ratio
  3. Low thermal conductivity
  4. Nonwetting
  5. Alumina silicate fiber cone is a kind of aluminosilicate fiber /ceramic fiber product, non-stick aluminum, and non-slagging.
  6. Plastid evenly distributed with good flexibility.
  7. Tight blockage, and stable flow control.
  8. S42 is one Commonly used type.

Ceramic Fiber Plugs Application

  • Alumina silicate fiber cone adopts high alumina fiber.
  • Control or block the flow of the liquid aluminum for the precision casting of aluminum and aluminum alloy.
  • Alumina silicate fiber cone Length 20-350mm, usually conical; or made according to the customer’s requirement.

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