Refractory Fiber

Refractory Cones are made of high-aluminum fiber and control or prevent the flow of liquid aluminum to accurately cast aluminum and aluminum alloys.

From the original manual process to the vacuum suction filtration automatic equipment molding process, the production efficiency is high and the quality is stable. The finished product rate can reach 99%. It has a uniform mass distribution, higher hardness than ordinary plugs, tight plugs, non-stick aluminum and no slag. It is used to control the flow of metal liquids in tanks and kilns.

The shape of ceramic fiber vacuum forming is made of high-quality ceramic fiber blocks using vacuum forming technology. The purpose of manufacturing these products is to meet the special requirements of insulation in the industrial field.

In order to meet the needs of customers, various products need to use special molds according to their unique shapes and sizes. All Refractory Fiber Cones have a low shrinkage at the applicable temperature, and can maintain insulation, lightness and other characteristics. During use of the product, they will not be attacked by a large amount of molten metal.

Refractory Fiber Cones

Refractory Fiber Cones Features

1. Aluminum silicate fiber cone is made of ceramic fiber material
2. Aluminum silicate fiber cone has the characteristics of non-sticky and non-slagging aluminum; moreover, the mass is evenly distributed, good elasticity, tight blockage and stable flow control

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