Refractory Tap Out Cone, Ceramic Fiber Shape Insulation

To pour the molten aluminum from melting or holding furnaces for aluminum casting, some units use tap hole block, which is sealed with Refractory Tap Out Cone. Refractory Tap Out Cone are divided into several names: Refractory Cone, Tap Out Cone, Refractory Ceramic Fiber Cone, Refractory Ceramic Fiber Hard Tip, Tap Hole Cone, Tap-Out Cone, Tapout Cone, Tap Cone, Aluminum Tap Cone.

Refractory Tap Out Cone

AdTech tap out cone is made from high purity alumina silicate fibers mixing with inorganic binders by vacuum forming process, our product provide Good Thermal Insulation, Smooth Surface, Right Hardness and Extreme Tenacity for applications, to make the aluminum and its alloy casting process more convenient.

So it is well understood that one of its greatest uses is to change the flow of hot liquid in the flow. The path inside the tank is the word commonly used in industrial production – control flow. Tap Out Cone seals a stopper to block a tap hole in melting or holding furnace. There are various sizes of Tap Cone. Please choose the right size of Tap Out Cone for your stopper.

Refractory Tap Out Cone

Here, I know that there are Refractory Cone. The Refractory Tap Out Cone produced by AdTech is made of high-aluminum fiber. It is transformed from the original hand-made process into a vacuum suction filtration automatic equipment molding process, which has high production efficiency and high-quality stability, The finished product rate can reach 99%. It has uniform mass distribution, higher hardness than ordinary plugs, tight plugging, non-stick aluminum and no slag, and is used for the controlled flow closure of metal liquids in tanks and kilns.

Furnace Tapout Cone

Tap Out Cone Manufacturing Method

  1. Pour high-purity ultra-fine aluminum silicate fiber into the beating pond, add fiber softener magnesium oxide and industrial sillimanite.
  2. Adopt the motor water pump circulation system, stir the fiber and fiber softener together evenly, and after repeated washing several times, pump the slurry into the storage room for 20 hours.
  3. The aged slurry is drawn out, and add a binder. The binder is selected from one or more of silica sol, carboxymethyl cellulose, and white latex, and weighed according to the specified ratio.
  4. Using a conical plug forming mold, vacuum pump suction operation is used to adsorb the fiber slurry on the surface of the mold to make a plug blank.
  5. Place the blank on the iron frame and push it into the electric drying room for drying. The drying temperature is set at 1500-1800 ° C, and the drying time is 6-8 hours;
  6. Take out the fully dry plugs, wrap them according to the fixed number of large and small heads, and pack them.
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