Refractory Tap Cone for Molten Aluminum | Tap Out Cone

The refractory tap cone is made of high aluminum fiber. From the initial manual process to the vacuum filtration automatic equipment forming process, the production efficiency is high and the quality is stable. The mass distribution is uniform, the hardness is higher than that of ordinary plugs, the plugs are tight, the aluminum is not sticky, and there is no slag. It is used to control the flow of molten metal in the tank and kiln.

Tap out cone has good flexibility, no deformation, long service life, corrosion resistance of molten aluminum.

Refractory Tap Cone

The head of the aluminum silicate continuous casting machine is the key part of the aluminum alloy continuous stroke casting machine, which directly affects the quality of the aluminum plate. According to different continuous casting machines, continuous casting machines can be divided into many types. The taper hole makes the casting process of aluminum and aluminum alloy more convenient, reliable and safe.

The refractory tap cone produced by ADTECH Company is composed of ceramic fiber and other refractory materials. The coating on the opening and working surface is smooth, which can resist the corrosion of liquid aluminum and ensure the purity of the aluminum plate.

The casting nozzle has excellent non-wetting properties, low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, smooth surface, and small tolerances. It is a high-quality product for continuous aluminum casting.

Product description: cone, off-white

Material: Inorganic 1260 ceramic fiber, also known as aluminum silicate fiber

Purpose: To cover and protect the tap plug in the furnace, and to melt aluminum and zinc alloys.

Throughout the application process, the textured outer surface reduces tearing during insertion.
The elastic element can ensure a tight fit between the fire-resistant cone and the conical valve seat.
Will not burn, produce smoke or degrade.
It is used at the furnace outlet to make aluminum and aluminum alloy casting more convenient.

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