Tap Out Cone for Aluminium Smelter, Molten Aluminum Plugs

Tap Out Cone for Aluminium Smelter is made by mixing high-purity aluminum silicate fiber with inorganic binder and vacuum forming. Ceramic Fiber Tap Out Cone is widely used in aluminum alloy melting furnaces to control the production flow of molten aluminum.

Tap Out Cone for Aluminium Smelter features:
1. Aluminum tapping cone is used for aluminum smelting in the reverberatory furnace.
2. Is a kind of vacuum-formed ceramic fiber product.
3. Cover plugging of self-tapping hole plugs for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloy smelting furnaces.
4. Good insulation properties.
5. High strength/weight ratio.
6. Good thermal shock resistance.
7. Low thermal conductivity.
8. Low thermal inertia.
9. Density/hardness/size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Tap Out Cone for Aluminium Smelter

Vacuum-formed refractory plugs are used for casting aluminum and aluminum alloys. They need to be manufactured at high temperatures, and they need to be durable enough to be able to keep in contact with molten metal. AdTech’s vacuum-formed shape provides excellent insulation properties and strength, combined with low smoke generation.

In the aluminum casting industry, most aluminum smelting furnaces or holding furnaces are equipped with aluminum outlets. These outlets are sealed with high temperature resistant ceramic fiber. It is used to block aluminum smelting furnaces, stationary furnaces and other aluminum outlets. The cone makes the processing of aluminum and aluminum alloy castings more convenient and safer.

According to its shape and size, AdTech can make special molds to meet the requirements. According to the performance requirements of the product, AdTech can also adjust the strength and density by changing the adhesive and additives.

AdTech aluminum liquid insulation cap is made of high-aluminum fiber, which is transformed from the original hand-made process into a vacuum suction filtration automatic equipment forming process with high production efficiency, high quality stability and a yield of 99%. The distribution of the plastids is uniform, the hardness is higher than the ordinary plug, the blockage is tight, the non-stick aluminum is not slag, and the metal liquid is controlled for flow interception of the tank and the kiln.

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