Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Plug

AdTech Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Plug, also known as high temperature resistant TAP OUT CONE, are made of high aluminum fiber. And from the original manual process to the vacuum suction filter automatic equipment molding process. The production efficiency is high, the quality is stable, and the finished product rate can reach 99%. The masses are evenly distributed, the hardness is higher than that of ordinary plugs, the blockage is tight, and the flow of molten metal is controlled.

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Plug

Advantages of Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Plug

1. High-aluminum fiber vacuum blister molding, non-stick aluminum, and no slag.
2. Evenly distributed body and elasticity, tight blockage, stable flow control.
3. High hardness and long service life.
4. Tough texture, strong resistance to wind erosion.
5. Excellent construction and installation performance, excellent thermal shock resistance, high compressive strength, long service life and remarkable sound absorption effect.

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Plug is a ceramic fiber shaped product that meets the fire resistance and heat insulation requirements of some special parts of thermal equipment. The product is a non-brittle material with high strength and accurate size. It can be made in various forms according to customer needs. The product has good fire and heat insulation effects, and can be directly exposed to flames.

Aluminum casting cone is also called aluminum silicate plug, aluminum industry plug mainly uses high-grade silicate fiber and other formulas through vacuum forming, and the plug is applied to aluminum. Aluminum water plug furnaces such as melting furnaces and static furnaces are suitable for the insulation of aluminum melting furnaces, refining furnaces, static furnaces, and tapping furnaces, making the casting process of aluminum and aluminum alloys more convenient, safer and more reliable.

The aluminum casting discharge cone manufacturer adopts vacuum filtration automatic equipment to form. The company has been producing and continuously innovating molten aluminum flow control series production processes since 2012: stopper rods are used in conjunction with immersion tubes, flow tubes, plug caps, graphite plugs, slag rings, steel ladles and other products to make the metal casting parameter solution stable Convenient and control the flow.

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