Aluminum Silicate Plug Cone, Refractory Ceramic Fiber Cone

Aluminum Silicate Plug Cone

The aluminum silicate plug cone is made of fiber products with different densities, specifications, models and performances, and is dried and calcined by wet vacuum filtration according to the user’s design requirements. Thanks to AdTech’s advanced production equipment and stable raw materials, these products can meet users’ complex thermal requirements.

Ceramic fiber cones are used for the hot surface of thermal equipment in various industries, burner tiles, observation holes, electric heating components, risers, runners, wall masonry, and ceilings.

The aluminum silicate plug cone is used for the thermal insulation of the mold during the external working process of the aluminum processing furnace, and is suitable for aluminum melting furnaces, static furnaces, etc. It is also used for heat insulation in metallurgy, machinery, electricity, ceramics, glass, and construction industries.

Ceramic fiber cones are mainly made of high-grade silicate fibers and other formulas. Suitable for aluminum melting furnaces, refining furnaces, static furnaces, and water outlets. It makes the casting process of aluminum and aluminum alloy more convenient, safe and reliable.

Aluminum silicate plug cone has excellent electrical properties and high-temperature insulation properties. It cannot burn in an open flame of 400-700 degrees. It will not be carbonized.

Refractory cone description: It is a ceramic fiber molded product designed to meet the fire resistance and heat insulation of some special parts of thermal equipment. The product is a non-brittle material with high strength and accurate size, and can be produced in various forms according to customer needs. The product has a good fire and heat insulation effect and can be directly exposed to flames.

Aluminum Silicate Plug Cone Features

Tough texture, strong wind erosion.
Seamless lining.
Low heat storage and low heat loss.
Direct contact with the flame to obtain a hot surface.
Excellent construction and installation performance.
Excellent thermal shock resistance.
High compressive strength and long service life.
The sound absorption effect is remarkable.

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