Refractory Cone for Casting

AdTech high-temperature refractory cone is made of high-aluminum fiber and made by vacuum forming process, with a yield rate of up to 99%. It is also called Ceramic Cone, Tap Out Cone, Alumina Silicate Tap Cone.

AdTech high-temperature plugs have uniform mass distribution, higher hardness than ordinary plugs, tight plugging, non-stick aluminum and no slagging, and are used for metal aluminum liquid flow control and interception of cabinets and kilns. Each tap out cone product needs to make a special mold according to its shape and size. According to the performance requirements of the product, use unused binders and additives to meet the requirements of use.

Refractory Cone

AdTech high temperature refractory cone product description: It is a ceramic fiber special-shaped product that is oriented to meet the fire resistance and heat insulation of some special parts of thermal equipment. The tap out cone product is a non-brittle material, with high strength and accurate size, and can be produced in various shapes according to customer needs. The product has good fire-resistance and heat insulation effect, and can directly touch the flame.

Typical applications of AdTech high-temperature plugs: industrial furnace observation holes, thermometer insertion holes, industrial furnace burners, furnace doors, non-ferrous metal melting channels, tank liners, casting cap openings, electromechanical equipment connection gaskets.

Most aluminum smelting furnaces or holding furnaces in the aluminum casting industry are equipped with aluminum taps, which are blocked and sealed with high temperature resistant ceramic fibers.

Aluminum liquid ceramic fiber plug is a kind of fibrous lightweight refractory material. It has the advantages of lightweight, high-temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small specific heat and resistance to mechanical vibration. Therefore, it is used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, glass, electronics and other industries. Our company has a stable supply of ceramic fiber plugs for user size in batches, which is sufficient to witness the safety, reliability, and dimensional accuracy of our materials.

Thermal performance of aluminum plugging liquid

  • heat resistance temperature 1100℃;
  • maximum use temperature 1000℃;
  • continuous use temperature 800℃;
  • thermal conductivity 0.77W/m.k at 720℃;
  • permanent linear shrinkage less than 0.6%.

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