Aluminium Foundry Tap Plugs,Ceramic Fiber Plug,Tap Out Cone

AdTech Aluminium Foundry Tap Plugs, also known as high temperature TAP OUT CONE, is made of high-alumina fiber. And it is changed from the original manual process to the vacuum suction filter automatic equipment forming process. The production efficiency is high, the quality stability is high, and the yield can reach 99%. Tap out cone has a uniform distribution of plastids, higher hardness than ordinary plugs, tight blockage, no slag, no slag, and metal liquid flow control for tanks and furnaces.

Advantages of Tap Plugs for Aluminium Foundry
1. High-aluminum fiber vacuum suction molding, non-stick aluminum does not slag.
2. uniform distribution of body and elasticity, tight blockage, stable flow control.
3. high hardness, long service life.

Aluminium Foundry Tap Plugs

Aluminium Foundry Tap Plugs

General characteristics

The physical and thermal properties of aluminum plugging fluids are generally similar to those of corresponding grades of vacuum-formed panels.

Special treatment

If necessary, vacuum forming hardener or refractory mud can be applied to the aluminum plant to provide a protective layer

Product Description

It is a ceramic fiber shaped product that is oriented to meet the fire resistance and heat insulation of special parts of certain thermal equipment. The product is non-brittle material, high strength, accurate size, and can be produced in various forms according to customer needs. The product has good fire and heat insulation effect and can directly contact the flame.

Ceramic Fiber Plug Features

  • Tough texture, strong wind erosion resistance;
  • Seamless lining; low heat storage, heat loss;
  • Excellent construction, installation performance;
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance;
  • High compressive strength, long service life;
  • Sound absorption effect is remarkable.

Product Name
Aluminum factory plugging aluminum liquid, tap out cone, ceramic fiber plug, plug head, hat mouth, aluminum silicate plug, aluminum water plug, mainly made of high-grade silicate fiber and other formulas by vacuum forming.

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