Molten Aluminum Plugs

Molten aluminum plugs are sometimes called tap out cones, ceramic fiber plugs, and insulation plugs. Molten aluminum plugs are mainly made of high-grade aluminum silicate fiber and other formulas through vacuum forming, and are suitable for aluminum smelting furnaces, refining furnaces, and standing furnaces. The heat preservation and sealing effect of the outlet of the furnace makes the aluminum, copper, and zinc alloy casting process more convenient, safer, and more reliable.

Molten Aluminum Plugs

Thermal performance of molten aluminum plugs: heat resistance temperature 1100℃, maximum use temperature 1000℃, continuous use temperature 800℃, thermal conductivity 0.77W/mk at 720℃, permanent linear shrinkage less than 0.6% after 24 hours at 760℃, external size plugging sleeve Class length dimension ±3mm, thickness ±1mm. The surface quality of a single piece of defect area is less than 25 mm2, and the height of the unevenness is not higher than 2 mm. There is no major damage or defect on the outer surface.

AdTech is a manufacturer of aluminum liquid plugs that uses vacuum suction and filtration automatic equipment. Our company has been producing and continuously innovating flow control products since 2012. The production process: stopper rod and submersible tube, flow tube, ceramic fiber plug, graphite plugs, slag retaining rings, ladles and other products, which makes the metal solution casting parameters stable and convenient to control the flow rate, and has been recognized by more than 95% of the existing customers in the market.

AdTech tap out cone is made of high-aluminum fiber, which is transformed from the original manual process into a vacuum suction filtration automatic equipment molding process, with high production efficiency, high quality stability, and a yield rate of 99%. It has uniform mass distribution. The hardness is higher than the ordinary plug, the blockage is tight, no aluminum and no slagging, it is used for the metal liquid control flow interception of the box and the kiln.

Advantages of Molten Aluminum Plugs Products

1. The high-aluminum fiber is vacuum-absorbed and formed, so that it does not stick to aluminum and does not drop slag;
2. Even mass distribution, good elasticity, tight blockage and stable flow control;
3. High hardness and long service life.

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