Ceramic Fiber Special Shaped | Refactory Tap Out Cone

With the continuous improvement of functional fabric requirements and the continuous in-depth research of new ceramic powder materials, the development of ceramic fiber special-shaped parts will have broad development prospects and broad application prospects. It is also called Tap Plugs, Tap Out Cone Foundry Refractory Material, Aluminium Silicate Fiber Vacuum Formed Tap Out Cone, Tap Out Cone Control Flow, Top Out Cone, Ceramic Fiber Tap.

Ceramic Fiber Special Shaped

Ceramic fiber is a lightweight refractory material with excellent functions. It has low density, low thermal conductivity, easy processing and high-temperature resistance.

Ceramic fiber material is used as the filling and sealing material of the kiln, the second type is used as the external insulation material, the third type is used as the inner lining material, and the fourth type is used to manufacture the full fiber kiln.

Ceramic fiber special-shaped parts are a new type of heat preservation and energy saving material with excellent functions and light weight. They are widely used in high temperature resistant and thermal insulation parts in the industrial, civil and national defense fields.

With the emphasis on energy saving in various countries, ceramic fiber materials have been well used and developed rapidly.

Moreover, the space for ceramic fiber to replace other insulating materials is also very large. It is estimated that in the next few years, the compound annual growth rate of my country’s ceramic fiber special-shaped parts output will exceed 30%.

AdTech offers a wide range of vacuum-formed refractory shape tap out cones. Custom shapes in various hardness grades are available on request. Custom cutting and machining are also available for finished parts.

Vacuum-formed refractory tap out cones are used to cast aluminum, ferrous and other metals. They need to be created for high-temperatures and need to be durable enough to continuously be in contact with molten metal. AdTech vacuum-formed shapes offer excellent insulating properties and strength, combined with low fume generation.

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