Ceramic Filters Malaysia Factory for Aluminum Plants

Ceramic Filters Malaysia Factory adopts an automatic extrusion process with square compensation for the intermediate spacing, uniformly coating the slurry on the bubble skeleton of the carrier, and sintering at a high temperature of 1180°C.
The ceramic foam filter is installed on the filter tank to filter the impurities of the aluminum alloy liquid to meet the high added value and high technical performance of aluminum alloy precision casting for aviation and transportation. For example, computer hard drives, PS board bases for printing, cans, fan blades of jet turbine engines and other products. We are a professional manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for aluminum plants.

Ceramic Filters Malaysia Factory

Product advantages of Ceramic Filters Malaysia Factory
1. By using the principle of adsorption to filter, it can effectively remove the large inclusions in the molten aluminum and effectively adsorb the small and small inclusions
2. No slag, effectively reduce the pollution of molten aluminum
3. It has good thermal shock resistance and improved corrosion resistance to molten metal
4. Automated assembly line production, calibration of three calibration procedures, accurate size, suitable for cabinet use
5. Improve surface quality, improve product performance, and improve microstructure effects.

In order to improve the cleanliness of the aluminum melt, it is very important to correctly choose the ceramic foam filter for metal/casting.
First, the selection of the foamed ceramic filter material is determined according to the content of impurities in the aluminum melt and the quality of the final casting product required by the flow rate of the melt movement.
1. High impurity content and average casting quality. You can choose a ceramic foam filter with a large grid, and add a coarse filter of glass fiber cloth in front of the filter. At this time, it is very important to use glass cloth for coarse filtration in semi-continuous casting. Once you open your eyes, you can block the slag and washed slag.
To prevent clogging of the filter plate.
2. Choose high-quality castings and new-style ceramic foam filters with small pore sizes. For example, the AdTech ceramic filter adopts a three-dimensional network structure, which is used as a carrier to connect with organic bubbles through pores. The immersion in the slurry of thixotropic alumina material is carried out by the automatic extrusion method of four-fold correction of the distance between centers. The slurry is uniformly coated on the carrier foam skeleton, and the slurry is fired at a high temperature of 1180°C to solidify it. Installed on the filter box for filtering aluminum alloy liquid impurities, it can meet the high added value and high-tech aluminum alloy precision casting of the air transportation industry. For example, products such as computer hard drives, PS panel bases for printing, easy pull cans, and fan blades of jet turbine engines achieve the necessary cleanliness and achieve good results.
3. The size of the filter plate depends on the melt flow rate and the total output. The flow rate is large, the total output is large, the filter plate hole is small, choose a large size.

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