Ceramic Filters Molten Alu Filtration,Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

Alumina ceramic foam filters are specially developed by AdTech for molten Alu filtration. The molten aluminum flows through the tortuous and porous three-dimensional foam structure, and the tiny impurities are trapped, adsorbed, deposited, and firmly adhered to the pore walls, filtering out the micron-level impurities in the molten aluminum, and solving the aluminum alloy’s sensitivity to internal defects.

Ceramic Filters Molten Alu Filtration

AdTech alumina ceramic foam filters molten Alu filtration are available in all common sizes: 7″, 9″, 12″, 15″, 17″, 20″, and 23″. AdTech offers the whole range of porosities from PPI 20 up to PPI 60. It can also be customized according to customer needs. Ceramic filters can effectively remove and absorb large or small impurities in molten aluminum. It can improve surface quality, product performance, and microstructure effectiveness. The casting filter is mainly used in aviation, transportation, computer hard drive, PS baseboard for printing, canning materials, fan blades for turbojet engine, and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

Ceramic foam filter is surrounded by sealing gasket, laying between filter and filter bowl, to prevent molten aluminum leaking through the interface. Filter adopts sealing gasket in 3 different types, fiber paper material, fiber cotton material, expanding cotton material.

The foam ceramic filter can make the molten steel fill the cavity more evenly. The molten metal has a higher tendency to turbulence during pouring. The liquid aluminum is through the three-dimensional pore structure of the foam ceramic filter, and finally converted into a very stable layer flow. Laminar flow has a better filling of the cavity, which reduces the impact corrosion of the molten metal on the casting cavity. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of Ceramic Filters Molten Alu Filtration

1. High strength, not easy to drop slag;
2. High open porosity and uniform pore structure;
3. The size of the pores is the same, and the flow rate is stable when the aluminum liquid passes through;
4. There are many varieties, from 7 inches to 26 inches, and the mesh size is 20ppi to 60ppi;
5. Heating, easy to operate, only need to use and replace, without damaging the inner lining of the filter box;
6. Fireproof cotton and expanded cotton edge can be provided.

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