Ceramic Foam Filter Metal Filtration, CFF for Molten Aluminum

Ceramic foam filter molten metal filtration is closely related to obtaining a satisfactory filtering effect of molten aluminum. Ceramic foam filters can improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt. The alumina ceramic foam filter can effectively eliminate large impurities and small impurities of several microns in molten aluminum. You can choose a suitable filter plate according to the quality requirements of the casting, the flow rate, the total filtration capacity, and the cleanliness of the molten aluminum.

Ceramic Foam Filter Metal Filtration

How to Choose Ceramic Foam Filter Molten Metal Filtration

First of all, the final quality requirements of castings determine the choice of ceramic foam filters.

There are many impurities, and the quality of casting products is medium. Choose a ceramic foam filter with a larger mesh, and add a glass fiber cloth coarse filter in front of the filter plate. The glass cloth can intercept the flow slag through the launder to prevent the filter plate from clogging.

The quality of the castings is very demanding, and it is necessary to choose a ceramic foam filter with a smaller mesh. The selection of filter plate size is based on melt flow rate and total output. If the flow rate is large, the total output is large, and the filter plate hole is small, then a larger size needs to be selected.

Second, the color and characteristics of the ceramic foam filters should be considered.

The color is pure and free of impurities, which means the material is uniform. If the hands are not sticky, it means that no adhesive is sprayed on the surface, which will not cause secondary pollution.

Hold the ceramic foam filter with one hand and tap the filter plate with the other hand. The slag drips continuously, indicating that the filter plate is of poor quality. Burn the filter plate to red, and then immediately cool down at room temperature. There are no cracks and slag inclusions, indicating that the filter plate is good.

When purchasing an alumina ceramic foam filter, please carefully evaluate the effective specific surface area or porosity of the foam. You can observe that the mesh on the surface layer of the filter plate is uniform. The porosity is calculated by the drainage method. The three-dimensional grid is uniform and the porosity is relatively large. This is an excellent foam ceramic filter plate.

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