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The ceramic filter plate is a kind of organic foam impregnated ceramic filter plate slurry. The organic foam is dried through the porous ceramic filter plate. Its uniqueness is that the speciality of the 3D grid structure is opened with the organic foam, and the prepared slurry is uniformly coated on the organic foam body. So how should we choose a highly efficient porous ceramic filter plate?

Porous Ceramic Filter Plate

1. For the content of impurities and the quality of the casting products, you can choose the larger mesh ceramic filter plate, which is filtered out on the filter plate glass cloth. The semi-continuous casting of the glass cloth filter is very important, it can flow and flush the slag chute down when his eyes block the slag and block the filter plate.

2. The quality of the casting product, the choice of the small hole mesh model, namely the large foam ceramic filter.

3. Selection of ceramic filter plate specifications, the total amount of melt flowing through.

4. The color is pure, no impurities, and the material is uniform; it does not feel sticky in the hand, which means that there is no surface spray, which will also cause secondary pollution.

5. When buying a filter, carefully evaluate the effective specific surface area and porosity calculation of the foam. We can observe the surface layer of the filter plate in the uniform state of the grid, and then observe the uniform state of the section cut grid. If possible, the measurement method of the drainage hole can be calculated. The three-dimensional grid is relatively uniform, and the ceramic filter plate has excellent porosity.

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