Molten Metal Filter Filtration by Ceramic Foam Filter

Molten metal filter filtration adopts a unique ceramic filter, forming a high average surface area network, irregular, three-dimensional, open hole structure. These ceramic foam filters are widely used in casting aluminum alloy, stainless steel, super alloy, cobalt and copper alloy, zinc and zinc alloy, iron and steel.


Molten Metal Filter Filtration Benefit

  • By reducing the content of non-metallic inclusions and oxide film in molten metal, filtration is carried out.
  • Improving mechanical properties of castings.
  • Increase process output.
  • Reduce the porosity in the metal to improve the quality.
  • Prolonging tool life in post casting operation, raise productivity.

Molten metal filter filtration facilitates all casting and alloy preparation processes. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. The filter aperture ranges from 30 to 60 PPI (holes per linear inch).

The mesh, irregular, three-dimensional network of openings in the filter allows molten metal to flow through the filter in a zigzag path and helps the ceramic retain particles much smaller than the pore itself.

The filter is a specially designed ceramic composition without organic binder. These special formulations eliminate the risk of aggressive interactions and leaching of elements into certain alloys.

Molten Metal Filter Filtration

Ceramic filter, higher casting quality. Molten metal filtration is an important auxiliary means to produce low cost and high quality castings. When using molten metal filter:

The filter is located in the runner system, cup, or gate, so all molten metal passes through the filter before entering the mold cavity. The required cross-section is about three times that of the adjacent runner system to prevent metal flow from being restricted.

The filter reduces turbulence and sand washing in the metal flow. Installed in the filter box for aluminum alloy liquid impurity filtration, to meet the production of high value-added, high-tech performance aviation, transportation and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

Filters are widely used in casting aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, super alloy, cobalt and copper alloy, zinc and zinc alloy, steel.

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