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Ceramic foam filters for aluminium can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum, absorb micro inclusions in particles, improve product performance and microstructure, and are widely used in aluminum alloy castings and other production areas.

Ceramic foam filters molten aluminium filtration are insoluble in molten aluminum at temperatures of 800°C or lower, and are resistant to corrosion and chemical corrosion. It has light weight, durability and excellent heat resistance.

We provide high-quality ceramic foam filters and have won a huge customer base in the market. In the manufacturing process of aluminum foil, aluminum rod and aluminum ingot, the alumina ceramic foam filter we provide has been widely used.

Ceramic Foam Filters for Aluminium

Purification of Molten Aluminium

The purification of molten aluminium is one of the measures to ensure the high quality of aluminum alloy products, and it is also the main means to improve the overall quality of aluminum alloys.

The refining effect of molten aluminum has an important impact on the formation of pores, shrinkage cavities and inclusions, and directly affects the physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy castings. If there is no high-quality molten aluminum, even if subsequent processing is performed, defects will always exist in the product once it occurs, and it is difficult to obtain high-quality castings. Therefore, we must pay attention to the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum, and take measures to remove the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum.

The aluminum casting filter uses an effective alumina ceramic foam filter. Its three-dimensional connected mesh structure, high porosity, has the advantages of large slag collecting surface area. The filter has a large internal surface area, small flow resistance and good filtering effect.

High-quality ceramic foam filters for aluminium can effectively remove and absorb various impurities in molten aluminum, improve surface quality, product performance and microstructure effectiveness. The alumina ceramic foam filter can remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas, and provide laminar flow when filtering molten aluminum.

The ceramic foam filter is strong enough to withstand various processes, so it will not be damaged during normal operation and transportation. Self-expanding gaskets or silicate fiber gaskets are installed on the periphery.

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