Ceramic Movable Trough, Molten Metal Coveying System

The ceramic movable trough has a long service life. Special raw materials are completely non-wetting with aluminum, and the launder liner is painted with BN coatings, which can extend the launder service life.

The ceramic movable molten metal trough is mainly used for the transportation of molten aluminum and aluminum alloy. The product has the characteristics of good thermal insulation performance, non-stick aluminum, and erosion resistance. The surface of the runner products is dense and dense, smooth like enamel, high strength, and light weight.

Ceramic Movable Trough

The molten metal launder made of traditional castables has a large temperature drop during the long-distance transportation of molten aluminum. We recommend using refractory fiber launder instead, and can be used with refractory fiberboard as the cover plate, which can greatly reduce the heat loss.

If the traditional casting material launder is damaged, it can only be removed and re-poured; while the ceramic fiber movable launder can be repaired with fibers, and timely repair and maintenance can extend the service life of the launder.

The high temperature resistant movable molten metal trough has an excellent resistant launder lining for the conveying of aluminum and aluminum alloy melt. It directly contacts the melt, has excellent heat preservation performance, thermal shock resistance, compressive strength. The aluminum melt is scoured for a long time, does not collapse, and is not easy to peel off, which minimizes the secondary pollution problem of the aluminum melt in the conveying link.

AdTech is the removable launder manufacturer, it is specialized in the development of new material and production of high-performance insulation sealing. Since 2012, our company has started to R&D removable launder, integrated launder, degassing unit and molten aluminum filtration unit. We supply integration services in high-precision aluminum alloy casting. Products of various specifications can be designed and produced according to user requirements.

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