Refractory Trough for Integral Casting

Refractory Trough is one of the basic equipment for aluminum alloy casting. The main function of the aluminum casting launder is to drain the aluminum liquid in the mixing furnace to the casting machine.

The operation area was originally made of traditional high-temperature resistant castable masonry. The surface of this type of groove is easy to stick to aluminum during use. The operating time of the worker when cleaning the groove is up to 30 minutes, and it is easy to cause casting The material is damaged, so that the high-temperature aluminum liquid penetrates into the castable and causes the shell steel plate to gradually deform. The flow channel cannot be used normally for 4 months. In addition, every time the convection tank is maintained, the casting material needs to be removed, and the shell steel plate is corrected to be re-built, and the maintenance process consumes labor and materials.

The new high-aluminum fiber DC cell after the transformation has high overall strength and unit volume density. The surface of the inner cavity of the flow cell is coated with a high-temperature refractory coating, which is not easy to stick aluminum, and the internal slag is easy to clean. There is no damage or cracking within two years under high-temperature conditions. There is no aluminum leakage at the interface and bottom of the flow cell. The hidden safety of aluminum, the time for shutting down and cleaning the flume is reduced by 20 minutes, which not only reduces the labor intensity of ordinary aluminum workers, but also saves maintenance costs by million yuan.

Adtech refractory launder and trough incorporate a high-quality refractory bond that makes the solidified surface smooth and less prone to slag. Non-stick aluminum castables are widely used in aluminum melting furnaces, holding furnace contact aluminum liquid parts, aluminum liquid holding furnaces, aluminum liquid lifting bags, and other contact aluminum liquid parts. It is especially suitable for the integral casting of casting machine front holding furnace and aluminum smelting equipment.

Refractory Trough

Ceramic Fiber Refractory Trough and Launder Advantages

1. The flow cell has good insulation performance, reasonable design, and long service life.
2. The launder is integrally formed by noble molten material, and the dimensional accuracy is high.
3. The lining of the runner is strong, resistant to erosion, heat shock, and a smooth surface.
4. The lining of the flow tank has strong corrosion resistance to aluminum, zinc, and magnesium alloys, enhances the use effect of the molten metal transfer equipment, and strengthens the service life of special alloys.
5. The temperature drop of the metal liquid during the use of the launder is 2 °C per meter, resistant to erosion, heat shock, and smooth surface.

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