Launder and Trough for Molten Aluminum Transfer

The longer the launder and trough, the greater the possibility and degree of secondary pollution. In theory, after refining in the furnace, online degassing and slag removal, the purity of the aluminum alloy melt should reach a very high level. But actual results are usually not ideal. One of the important reasons is the secondary contamination when molten aluminum passes through the casting launder or the casting plate. At this time, the aluminum melt is in an “unprotected” state. The absorbed gas and the generated non-metallic inclusions are more likely to flow into the cast rod and form secondary pollution.

Launder and Trough

The ceramic casting launder and trough should be designed to be as short as possible and preferably airtight. One can avoid the excessive drop in the temperature of molten aluminum, and secondly, it can avoid the secondary pollution of molten aluminum.

At present, most aluminum plants use closed launders with lids. In order to facilitate maintenance, the launder flow channel should be movable.

The outlet (furnace eye) of the mixing furnace is equipped with a flow control device for molten aluminum. In order to make the aluminum liquid flow smoothly in the casting trough, the trough is usually made into a certain slope. The length and direction of the casting launder depend on the configuration of the mixing furnace and the aluminum ingot casting unit.

The AdTech molten aluminum launder system is a heat-insulating channel for conveying molten aluminum. The shell of the runner is welded by steel plates, and a U-shaped tank made of heat-insulating refractory material is installed inside.

Advantages of AdTech Molten Aluminum Launder and Trough System

  • The product has excellent high-temperature insulation properties.
  • The overall structural strength is high.
  • Save time and save on-site mixing, pouring, or ramming and baking refractory castable steps.
  • The consumption of refractory materials such as refractory mud is saved. Refractory preforms are assembled with tenon joints without straight seams. Once the furnace is completed, it can be quickly heated and put into use.
  • It can be pre-made into various shapes at will, with good thermal shock stability, high strength and good peel resistance.

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