Launder System for Molten Aluminum

The launder system is a heat preservation channel that guides the melt in the furnace to the front box. The launder should be designed to be as short as possible, and at the same time it is best to be airtight. One can avoid excessive melt temperature drop, and the other can avoid secondary pollution of the melt. At present, there is no airtight runner in China. In order to facilitate maintenance, the tank should be movable, and its shell can be welded by steel plate, and then coated with refractory materials such as refractory mud or asbestos wool. It is best to use heating equipment for the launder so that when the melt temperature is too low, the melt temperature will rise.

Launder System

Our launder system is equipped with launder covers to prevent dangerous and expensive leaks, has gentle heating to maintain a constant molten aluminum temperature, and is highly insulated to prevent energy loss. It can be customized to any casting unit or casting layout .

Smooth transportation is the key to the quality of molten aluminum, because any turbulence may cause oxides in the molten aluminum. The design of the AdTech launder system takes this into consideration, eliminating any form of agitation in every step.

Gentle heating, pneumatic launder cover, strict temperature control and clever fire-resistant design. All these work together to keep the aluminum liquid at the optimal temperature, greatly reduce heat loss, and use the metal’s own thermal conductivity to reduce energy costs.

A new type of aluminum liquid launder with purification function, including a launder base, a launder measuring wall integrated with the launder base, and a launder arranged above the launder base. The inner side of the launder measuring wall is provided with at least Two card slots, each card slot and the chute are arranged perpendicular to each other. A filter plate is installed in the card slot. When in use, the filter plate is easy to replace, and the effect of purifying the aluminum liquid is remarkable. The filter plate is installed on the base and The card slot on the side wall has a good effect of filtering impurities and purifying the aluminum liquid, which can further improve the purity of the aluminum liquid and meet the quality requirements of casting high, precise and sharp aluminum products. At the same time, it is safe and reliable, and easy to replace.

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