Aluminium Alloy Casting,Hot Top Casting for Aluminium Alloy

In the process of aluminium alloy casting, attention to related issues can maximize the avoidance of some situations. So, what are the issues that need special attention in the actual casting process? Let’s take a look at the specific precautions below. I hope you can know what you should pay attention to after reading.

Aluminium Alloy Casting

Problems in Aluminium Alloy Casting

1. Be sure to put the ingot head before casting, and check all places. If there is damage, you should replace or repair it in time.

2. If the graphite ring is too damaged or cracked, you should replace the graphite ring in time.

3. Before casting aluminum alloy, be sure to check whether the equipment is operating normally, the lubrication is in place, the wire rope is damaged, and the switch is flexible.

4. Pre-heat-treat the launder and related casting tools. Remember to put the CFF filter plate in the pre-heat treatment.

5. After opening the water discharge hole, replace the ceramic fiber plug in time, and close the water discharge port, so as to control the flow rate.

6. When casting aluminum alloys, be sure to wait until the related crystallizers have been filled with molten aluminum before starting work. Pay attention to control the speed and temperature when casting.

7. When finishing, we must first stop the casting machine and then stop the water. In this way, it can be guaranteed that all the aluminum liquid inside has run out.

Only after paying attention to the above aluminium alloy casting problems can we guarantee the quality of castings, and only in this way can you reduce the chance of rework.

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