Launder Gate for Blocking Molten Aluminum in Foundry

The molten metal launder gate has always been an important product used in the aluminum industry. Metal transfer gates are also called molten aluminum baffles, refractory dams, chute dams, chute dams, chute dams, interceptors, and chute gates. In order to make the gate more convenient to use, AdTech has carried out a series of optimizations to greatly improve the performance of the gate. The metal transfer gate is also more convenient. The optimized runner gate has the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, smooth surface, and no pollution to molten aluminum. The material is selected from high-quality materials independently developed by the company, and its service life has been greatly improved.

Launder Gate

The trough gate is equipped with a corresponding lifting device. The device has excellent performance after long-term use, has the advantages of flexible operation, safe and reliable use, and can be installed with a metal pressing device. In addition, the improved runner gate is easier to install on site, greatly reducing material resources and manpower, and truly saving energy and reducing consumption. On the other hand, in order to facilitate on-site use, taking into account the different requirements of customers, you can also choose lifting devices according to customer requirements, including manual lifting devices and automatic lifting devices (pneumatic, electric). Customers are also very satisfied with the company’s products and won unanimous praise.

The metal launder gate has now become one of the company’s more mature products, and has gradually won the trust of customers during its use. Customer satisfaction with this product has gradually increased, making AdTech gradually become a high-quality company that produces high-quality products.

AdTech launder dams are used with integrated launder equipment. The material is produced using new high-silicon molten material molding technology and N17 molding technology. The main function is for gate flow and flow control to facilitate molten metal casting. It has stable parameters, strong corrosion resistance and no pollution to molten aluminum. It meets the technical requirements for the production of aluminum alloy precision casting products such as aviation and transportation, and has higher added value and higher technical performance requirements.

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