Aluminum Refractory Launders

Aluminum refractory launders are usually internally lined channels used to transport molten aluminum. Launder is a good insulator that will not be wetted by molten aluminum and has excellent mechanical strength, including resistance to metal wear and physical damage.

Aluminum Refractory Launders

Since 2012, our company has begun to research and develop integral launders, degassing devices and plate filter devices. Provide integrated services of high-precision aluminum alloy castings. Enjoy a good reputation in the market.

We recommend using ceramic fiber launders instead of traditional castable launders, which will reduce the temperature by a large margin, so that metal can be transferred over a longer distance, and combined with Adtech plates to be used as an insulation cover, can save a lot of energy. Another advantage is that the ceramic fiber launder and trough can be repaired.

The service life of transfer launder is very long. Use a new type of high-silicon melting material that is corrosion-resistant, non-sticky, and does not pollute the molten aluminum. It can meet the requirements of aluminum castings with high added value and high-tech performance.

The integrated washing unit is installed between the furnace and the casting machine and has dual functions: transportation and heat preservation. It is mainly used for the transportation of smelted aluminum between the melting furnace, purification furnace, casting platform, degassing device and filter device, and used for precision casting of aluminum.

The cover is designed to heat the surface of the refractory material to the target metal temperature of 1300°F (700°C) to ensure the best starting conditions. Covered launders save a lot of energy and work more safely, minimizing heat loss and potential cover gas outflow.

AdTech has experience in casting materials from most major manufacturers. We provide customers with prefabricated aluminum refractory launders, as well as design and build a new custom washing system. Prefabricated refractory launder is one of the main refractory products provided by our manufacturing department. We have provided high-quality launders for customers in the aluminum industry and the non-ferrous metal market.

We also produce aluminum liquid purification filter equipment and aluminum casting accessories, including online degassing unit, filter equipment, ceramic foam filters, and solvents, casting nozzle plates, flow control boxes, etc.

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