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The flow trough is provided with a baffle system, the baffle system is laterally arranged on the launder and trough, so as to promote the static flow of the fluid circulating around the flow trough, thereby facilitating the sedimentation of the particulate filter medium from the fluid. The flow trough is also provided with an adjustable exhaust structure, which is in fluid communication with the baffle system, and can provide adjustable air discharge from below the baffle system to promote the static and sedimentation of the filter medium. The baffle system facilitates the removal of floating particles from the fluid and the deposition of such particles in the launder.

Flow Trough with Baffle System

The launder is a trough-like structure located above the granular filter medium in the filter tank, and usually includes a bottom and sides protruding upward from the bottom. The bottom of the launder is shaped to maximize fluid flow under the launder. It is most suitable that the bottom of the launder is circular, but the bottom of the launder can take any other suitable shape, such as a square or a triangle.

Associated with the launder is a baffle system that directs the fluid flow around the launder to promote static flow, thereby promoting the sedimentation of the medium from the fluid. The structural design of certain baffles of the system can promote the release of air from the fluid. The baffle system further includes an adjustable discharge device for adjusting the amount of air under the baffle to further promote static flow.

The baffle system also includes a plurality of baffles arranged parallel to the sides of the flow trough to specifically guide the fluid to its surroundings and enhance the release of the granular medium from the fluid. Although a single such parallel baffle may be included in a baffle system, with an additional number of parallel baffles, the sedimentation of the medium from the fluid increases. A baffle placed parallel to and along the side of the flow cell is aligned with the top of the flow cell to allow floating particles backwashed from the flow filter medium to be removed through the flow cell.

The support structure keeps the baffle system in position relative to the casting launder. Although the baffle may be associated with only one side of the launder, it is preferable that the baffle is located on both sides of the washing tank to maximize the settlement of the medium back into the tank.

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