Molten Aluminum Trough, Launder and Runner System

The molten aluminum trough is used to transport molten metal from one location to another. The system usually includes surface refractories, spare insulation materials, steel structures, gates, and other high-temperature equipment such as thermocouples and gaskets.

Molten aluminum launders are most commonly used to transport metals from melting furnaces to holding furnaces, from holding furnaces to casting stations, or to transport metals to online degassing and filtration systems. An effective storage launder system helps maintain the metal temperature and prevents oxide buildup.

Molten Aluminum Trough

In foundries, casting launders are usually used to transport metal from the melting furnace to the holding furnace. The shape and size of the trough system can vary, but usually consist of a refractory surface lining and an insulating layer retained in the steel shell. The aluminum launder and trough design must consider the metal speed, the metal temperature of the casting station (temperature loss due to the distance from the casting station), the specific alloy to be cast, and other variables.

We also have on-site combustion capabilities up to 2450°F. Our molten aluminum launder and trough can be designed for low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, wear resistance, or non-wetting characteristics.

The joints at the two ends of the runner parts of the molten aluminum casting can realize simple and leak-free bolt connection of the interconnection parts.

The overall runner adopts modular design, straight type, left type 90°, right type 90° and 45° combination can meet specific runner layout according to casting production line configuration and factory layout. It is equipped with an adjustable floor mounting frame for easy installation and adjustment to compensate for height changes and metal levels.

Boron nitride coating can also be used on all our preforms to promote metal release. Contact us now to understand your needs for prefabricated runners! We can provide one-stop, one-stop solutions. We manufacture our own materials and provide molds according to your shape design.

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