Insulated Launders used for Molten Aluminum Transportation

Molten aluminum insulated launders are mainly used for the transportation of molten aluminum with high insulation requirements.

The molten aluminum insulation launder combines the properties of organic and inorganic binders and a certain amount of new composite casting materials. These casting materials are insoluble in aluminum and can directly separate refractory and aluminum.

Due to the gas generated during the refining process of the molten aluminum, the structure of the casting is severely damaged. To this end, a certain amount of anti-radiation materials and neutralizing materials are added to promote low-temperature sintering strength and have a good inhibitory effect, effectively improving the service life of refractory materials.

The molten aluminum insulated launder produced by AdTech has a high density, and the surface is specially treated with aluminum titanate coating, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of aluminum. It has thermal insulation performance, prolongs the service life and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

Insulated Launders

Molten Aluminum Insulated Launders Advantages

1. Excellent insulation properties
2. High bending and compressive strength
3. Excellent thermal shock resistance
4. The surface is smooth and non-stick aluminum
5. Good insulation properties

Adtech molten aluminum launder combines high-quality, high-quality refractory glue to make the cured surface smooth and not easy to slag. Non-stick aluminum castables are widely used in aluminum melting furnaces, holding furnaces in contact with molten aluminum, molten aluminum holding furnaces, molten aluminum lifting bags and other aluminum contacts. It is especially suitable for the integral casting of the front holding furnace of the casting machine and the lining of high-purity aluminum smelting equipment.

The molten aluminum insulating launder is a new type of white hard insulating material. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Customized molten aluminum insulated launders are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, machinery, electronics, military, scientific research and other industries, as well as aluminum and aluminum processing industries, such as molds or diversion troughs, various industrial furnaces, etc.

The molten aluminum insulated launder has the properties of non-stick aluminum solution, no slag, corrosion resistance of aluminum liquid, penetration resistance, and corrosion resistance. In terms of the ratio of raw materials, we have added international non-stick aluminum components to form a special protective layer on the surface of the solidified object surface, which will block the holes and prevent aluminum adhesion.

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