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Degassing box is a kind of device for bubbling molten aluminum, removing the inert gas and excess gas for improving the fluidity.

During the smelting process of aluminum ingots, due to the difference between aluminum incoming materials and fertilization Refining agents, grain refiners, furnace refractories, etc. affect the easy release of molten aluminum. Oxidized and alkali metal inclusions. At the same time, as the melting temperature increases High aluminum melt is easy to absorb hydrogen, which directly affects the quality of aluminum ingots. affect the final quality of the product. Therefore, it is extremely important to improve the quality of aluminum melt want. If the melt quality is not controlled during the production of aluminum melting and casting, then a

A series of processing procedures (such as rolling, extrusion, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.) It is also difficult to eliminate defects caused by inclusions, gases, etc.

With the demand for electronic foil, food foil, cigarette foil, and various section aluminum products The increase in the amount eliminate the defects caused by the melting and casting of aluminum ingots from the source. protrude. Therefore, improving the melting and casting of aluminum and alloys (especially purification, deterioration and The technical level of aluminum melt processing such as grain refinement is very important. The finished product quality, deformation performance, and yield of various aluminum materials play a key role. Using has become the key to tapping the performance potential of traditional materials and developing new materials. on the ways. Aluminum melt purification treatment equipment and technology have also become One of the key technical problems of high-formability aluminum processing.

1. Technical status of the domestic rotary jet online degassing box

In the 1980s, some aluminum processing plants in my country successively introduced

Rotary blowing type aluminum melt removal online The gas equipment has played a very good role in the purification of aluminum melt. in digestion and absorption based on foreign advanced equipment and technology, domestic aluminum melting has gradually started.

Research and development of the online degassing box. So far ten Several manufacturing companies specializing in an online degassing box for aluminum melts have formed

There are four to five large-scale enterprises with their characteristics, and all of them are

On-line degassing box with rotary jet technology degassing of these devices The effect can meet the requirements of the product. In the following, the author will The important components describe the current situation of this kind of degassing box in China.

degassing box

degassing box

  1. 1 Box structure

The degassing box is composed of a degassing chamber and a heating static chamber. The lining is High-aluminum castables or molten silicon ceramics that do not stick to aluminum and do not contaminate molten aluminum The service life is more than 36 months and can be replaced as a whole. degassing chamber The partition between the heating chamber and the heating chamber is made of silicon carbide composite material. This material is advantageous

To improve the heat transfer efficiency between the two chambers. Some equipment manufacturers are To improve the heat transfer efficiency of the two chambers, degassing and heating are placed in one room at the same time add a very small static room According to the site usage It can be seen that it can indeed reduce energy consumption, but the degassing effect is not as good as the two separate ones. Ideal for a room. At the same time, for the convenience of cleaning slag, most equipment has an upper and slag cleaning port at the bottom, some equipment also adds the box tipping function. This not only improves the operating environment of workers but also changes the alloy variety. The inside of the box can be completely and thoroughly cleaned. quite a few devices The manufacturer designs the inlet and outlet of the box to be submerged flow, to ensure that during normal production

During the process, the aluminum liquid inside the box is completely isolated from the outside air. The secondary hydrogen absorption of the aluminum liquid and the heat dissipation of the box prevent the graphite components and increase The high-temperature oxidation of the thermal protection sleeve extending the service life. Indeed it is A proven method.

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