Online Degassing Refining Device

A new type of online degassing equipment developed by AdTech – online degassing refining device. The molten aluminum flows through the degassing box, and the inert gas forms a large number of diffused small bubbles in the aluminum liquid through the rotating rotor nozzle, so that hydrogen diffuses into the small bubbles, and as the small bubbles float to the surface of the melt, the hydrogen is removed. purpose. At the same time, in the process of bubbles floating up, relying on the surface tension of the bubbles to take a part of the slag out of the melt to achieve the purpose of refining aluminum melt.

Online Degassing Refining Device

The purification process of liquid aluminum alloy is the main means to improve the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purification process of graphite rotor on the degassing equipment to the aluminum melt is the most advanced treatment method in the world.

The online liquid aluminum purification device is installed between the holding furnace and the casting machine. The molten aluminum flows out of the holding furnace and first flows through the degassing box. After degassing in the online degassing device, it enters the filter box and passes through the foam ceramic filter. After CFF filtering, cleaner molten metal enters the casting machine.

While degassing and slagging, the online degassing refining device can also have additional beneficial effects:

  • The degassing device can make the alloying elements in the melt more uniform through the stirring of the rotating nozzle in the melt.
  • The degassing device is equipped with an immersion heater, which has high heating efficiency and can control the metal temperature before casting.
  • The flow state of the molten aluminum from the filter device can be changed from turbulent flow to steady flow, and its internal temperature field is more uniform, which is convenient for casting and can improve the uniformity of the casting structure.

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