Molten Aluminum Degassing Device

In the molten aluminum degassing device, inert gases such as nitrogen and argon are blown into the aluminum liquid, impurities float, and a large amount of hydrogen is dehydrogenated, which can greatly improve the quality of aluminum alloy.

Using an aluminum degassing device, the bubbles have no dead ends, but are small and large. Rolling up and down, the temperature of the molten aluminum is uniform, the alloy performance is greatly improved, and good economic benefits have been achieved. The degassing box has a simple structure and does not pollute the molten aluminum. It has the characteristics of low cost, long life and easy maintenance. It is widely used in the casting of automotive aluminum parts.

Molten Aluminum Degassing Device

Molten aluminum degassing device mainly treats molten aluminum containing a certain amount of hydrogen and other residues (alkali metals, inclusions), and removes it after treatment by a mobile degassing device.

The treatment principle is the air flotation principle. The process gas (inert gas or a mixture of inert gas and chlorine) is injected into the melt through the rotor, and the rotor is broken into uniformly dispersed micro-bubbles, which rise to the surface of the melt.

In the process of microbubbles ascending, the following work has been completed:

  • Hydrogen is adsorbed into the bubbles and eliminated;
  • Elimination of alkali metals by chemical reaction with chlorine (formation of chloride);
  • The inclusions are captured by the bubbles and then rise to the surface of the melt.

The molten aluminum degassing equipment is specially designed for online degassing of flow tanks with large aluminum flow, high gas content and high inclusions.

With a rotating rotor that can independently control speed and gas flow, it can provide more aluminum liquid with powerful degassing and refining capabilities. The equipment is connected to the sink. The rotating rotor of the equipment can be lifted as a whole and can rotate at a certain angle. To facilitate replacement of graphite accessories.

The degassing unit corresponding to each rotating rotor is provided with a separate slag port to facilitate the separation of slag.

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