Degassing Device for Molten Aluminum Degassing and Slagging

The degassing device is the key equipment for the purification of molten aluminum. In a great sense, it is an important step to improve the quality of aluminum. The degassing device for molten aluminum has two conventional functions of degassing and slagging, and it also has the function of removing alkali after changing the composition of the refined material.

Degassing Device for Molten Aluminum

Similar to the principle of degassing in the furnace, under normal circumstances, the partial pressure difference between the inside and outside of the dispersed bubble is used to induce the H in the melt into the bubble and take it out of the melt. These bubbles are usually N2 or Ar gas. Using the same refining material (such as N2, Ar, Cl2, CCl4, flux, etc.), the effect of the degassing device is significantly better than the refining effect in the furnace because the organization of the two is different.

Furnaces generally contain dozens of tons of aluminum. The diffusion effect of bubbles during refining is difficult to take care of the corners and corners, and some melts can always escape the search and processing of it. The degassing device is a checkpoint on the path that the melt must pass. All the melts that pass through must be checked and processed. No one can hide. Moreover, the general box type degassing only has more than 1 ton of aluminum capacity, which is very small. The rotor impeller that produces the dispersion effect can easily spread the chopped air bubbles to all corners of the box, and the dispersion effect is greatly improved.

The aluminum degassing system is an advanced molten aluminum purification equipment with built-in advanced heating elements. According to the requirements of the casting process, the internal temperature is effectively controlled, and the online degassing device is used to remove the gas and harmful impurities in the aluminum and aluminum alloy melt.

The aluminum and aluminum alloy melts are introduced into the purification equipment, and the inert gas is sprayed into the melt through the rapidly rotating rotor to form a large number of dispersed small bubbles. In the process of floating in the solution, small bubbles physically replace hydrogen and other inclusions to the surface of the solution, so that the aluminum and aluminum alloy solutions can achieve the effect of degassing and removing impurities. The rapid stirring in the solution through the rotating nozzle can make the alloying elements of the aluminum alloy solution more uniform and effectively improve the quality of the castings.

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