Aluminum Liquid Degassing

In the production of aluminum castings, the aluminum ingot melts into molten aluminum liquid at high temperature in the furnace. Due to the existence of high temperature gas and other impurities in the furnace, the aluminum liquid needs to be pretreated before the aluminum liquid is introduced into the die casting mold. The molten aluminum liquid Preparing the molten aluminum, that is, the molten aluminum liquid needs to be degassed and slag removed. During the degassing process, if the aluminum liquid contains carbon dioxide or other impurity gases, it will seriously affect the physical properties, mechanical properties and serviceability of the product. The aluminum castings mixed with impurities will form pores and cause the aluminum castings to be loose. AdTech offers aluminum liquid degassing device and CFF filtering equipment, they can remove the gas and other impurities.

Aluminum Liquid Degassing Device

Aluminum Liquid Degassing Device

In particular, the presence of aluminum fluoride is very harmful to aluminum castings. The excessively high sulfate content in the casting process will cause hydrogen embrittlement, so the aluminum liquid must be degassed. The traditional degassing method is manual degassing by stirring, and the long-term method also causes harm to workers.

An aluminum liquid degassing device is provided to degas aluminum liquid through a machine to improve the quality of the aluminum liquid. The degassing device has a simple structure, improves the quality of the aluminum liquid, has a reasonable design, a simple structure, is feasible to manufacture, and has a low cost. It can reduce the labor cost and labor cost, can realize a large proportion of automated production, improve work efficiency, and produce The performance of the molten aluminum remains stable. The device can effectively remove the multi-purpose air and other impurity gases from the aluminum liquid, and at the same time can eliminate impurities in it. In the slag removal process, the device can realize automatic slag removal by machinery without manual slag removal, which improves production efficiency and changes the probability of safety accidents.

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