Molten Aluminum Purification Equipment for Degassing

Molten aluminum purification equipment is usually installed between the furnace outlet and the filter box.

The melt flows into the box of degassing device, and the inert gas is broken by rotating the rotor, thus forming a large number of dispersed bubbles in the aluminum melt.

After collision, capture, surface adsorption and partial pressure, hydrogen and oxide slag in the melt are taken away from the surface of molten aluminum, and the gas floats to form scum. The aluminum alloy melt flows out from the outlet of degassing device, which is the purpose of continuous on-line refining.

On line rotor degassing device is based on the advantages of box type degassing device which is the mainstream in the market. It improves many key technologies, such as box sealing and anti turbulence on the surface of liquid aluminum, ensuring high efficiency, continuous stability and low cost of degassing device.

Molten Aluminum Purification Equipment

Characteristics of Molten Aluminum Purification Equipment

High degassing efficiency can reach more than 60%

The dispersion of process gas in the melt was optimized;

– maximum contact area and contact time between dispersed bubbles and melt;

– the box is completely sealed to ensure a stable inert gas environment;

– the melt surface is stable without turbulence.

Simple installation and maintenance. The lining of the pre fired degassing tank is easy to replace, thus minimizing production downtime.

Long service life of components and low maintenance and operation costs.

– the service life of heater and heater protection tube is more than 3 months;

– the service life of the cabinet is more than one year;

– the service life of rotor and shaft is more than 3 months;

– does not use the rotor to rotate the spindle to cool the gas.

Solve the problem of too much aluminum in the cabinet.

– optional integral tilting degassing device, which can be tilted at a specific time before the end of casting, and the molten aluminum stored in the tank is completely poured into the launder to complete the casting. Solve the memory problem of aluminum cabinet.

Maintenance of Molten Aluminum Purification Equipment

In the continuous casting process, the scum on the surface of molten aluminum in degassing tank should be cleaned every two days: stop the heater, lift the cover of degassing tank and move it to the side, remove the scum with a shovel, and then close the degassing box cover quickly. After the box cover is in the correct position, start the heater.

To replace the alloy, firstly lift the degassing tank cover, place the degassing tank cover after cleaning the scum on the molten aluminum surface, start the heater, and then put the molten aluminum into the tank.

If the degassing tank is not used for a long time, clean the degassing box: lift the degassing box cover and move it aside. Firstly, the scum on the surface of molten aluminum is cleaned, and then the molten aluminum is discharged. Clean the box after the temperature is reduced. After cleaning, be sure to paint in the box.


4.1 when cleaning the scum on the surface of aluminum melt, attention must be paid to safety to avoid being damaged by high-temperature molten aluminum.

4.2 scum on the surface of molten aluminum must be cleaned before discharging molten aluminum from degassing tank. If the slag is not removed first, the slag will deposit at the bottom and is difficult to remove. After a long time, it will damage the heater and rotor.

4.3 in short, it is necessary to remove slag before adding molten aluminum!

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