Online Aluminum Degassing Unit

The online aluminum degassing device is used for online degassing and slag removal outside the furnace of the aluminum melt. After the online degassing device, the hydrogen content in the aluminum melt can meet the requirements of the casting process.

Online Aluminum Degassing Process

A certain flow of inert gas is injected into the molten aluminum. A rotating mechanism disperses the injected gas into tiny bubbles, and evenly diffuses and rises in the molten aluminum, effectively removing the hydrogen in the molten aluminum. At the same time, during the rising process of the small bubbles, the surface tension of the small bubbles can also bring some inclusions out of the melt. Through the stirring of the rotating jet head in the melt, the alloying elements in the melt can be made more uniform.

Online Aluminum Degassing

Online Metal Degassing Device Structure

The box body of the online degassing unit is composed of a steel shell, a high-performance high-aluminum castable lining, etc. It is resistant to aluminum liquid erosion, does not stick to aluminum, and does not chemically react with aluminum.

The immersion heating method is adopted. The silicon carbide rod is placed in a special material protective sleeve, and the whole is installed in the furnace body to heat and keep the aluminum liquid by convection, and there is no need to discharge the aluminum liquid when the machine is shut down.

The graphite rotor assembly is composed of a rotating nozzle and a rotating shaft made of anti-oxidation high-purity graphite material. Its special structure is ingeniously matched with a specially designed refining chamber, so that the generated bubbles have better dispersibility and can slow down the rise of bubbles Speed, increase the probability of bubbles trapping hydrogen and impurities, while avoiding the generation of the vortex on the surface of the melt, so as to achieve efficient degassing, slag removal and alkali metal effects.

The refining furnace is divided into a two-stage refining chamber and a heat preservation chamber by a partition with excellent thermal conductivity, and each chamber has a convenient movable slagging door to facilitate slag removal at any time.

The hydraulic cylinder lifting device can lift the graphite rotor assembly individually and can rotate 180 degrees, which is convenient for the maintenance and replacement of the graphite rotor. The heater and its protective sleeve can be lifted by an external force as a whole and then replaced.

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