Metal Degassing Device

The metal degassing device specially designed and manufactured by AdTech is used in the casting production line. The metal degassing device is equipped with a graphite rotating shaft rotor that sprays inert gas, which is stepless speed regulation and normal operation. The graphite shaft is lifted by a hydraulic device outside the box and can rotate freely for 180, which is convenient for maintenance. The degassing chamber has reasonable slag removal holes and drain holes.

Metal Degassing Device

The metal degassing device is an environmentally friendly automated molten metal treatment system, which performs environmentally friendly degassing and slag removal of aluminum alloys.

The box structure of the degassing unit is carbon steel plate. Between the steel shell and the working layer, aluminum silicate fiber products and calcium silicate board are used for composite insulation, and its thermal conductivity is extremely low, which has the function of insulation and buffering the expansion of the working layer. During the casting process, the working layer of the box body is always immersed in high-temperature aluminum liquid, so a special high-aluminum castable is used as the working layer of the box body. The box body is provided with aluminum inlet and aluminum outlet, which has good fluidity.

The molten aluminum flows into the degassing cabinet body and stays in the refractory lining. The cabinet has a heater to keep the molten aluminum in a molten state. After the inert gas is ejected by the rotating rotor, it is broken into countless small bubbles by the high-speed rotating rotor. The small bubbles diffuse and rise in the molten aluminum to remove hydrogen. During the ascending process of small bubbles, due to the effect of surface tension, some of the inclusions are brought out of the molten aluminum to the liquid surface, forming scum to remove the inclusions in the molten aluminum. At the same time, the stirring effect of the rotor makes the alloy composition in the molten aluminum more uniform.

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