Degassing Device for Continuous Casting, Online Degassing System

AdTech provides an online degassing device for aluminum continuous casting that can reduce hydrogen and inclusions in molten metal. The device can obtain higher precision in temperature control ability and can obtain improved thermal efficiency. The degassing unit for aluminum continuous casting is placed between the holding furnace and the casting machine. The degassing device continuously receives molten metal through the inlet. The upper opening of the degassing container is covered by a cover, and on the downstream side, the partition extends downward in a direction crossing the fluid flow. It is used to prevent metals including oxides and other floating objects from flowing into the subsequent treatment process.

Degassing Device for Continuous Casting

An online degassing device is used for the continuous casting of non-ferrous molten metal. The equipment includes an online degassing container. The online degassing container has a side wall and a bottom wall. The chamber storing the non-ferrous molten metal is used to receive the continuous flow of the non-ferrous metal melt. The outlet on the other side of the container is used to discharge the continuous degassing flow of the non-ferrous metal melt from the container.

The rotor is used in the rotating gas diffusion device of the inert gas in the container. The rotating motion of the rotating gas diffusion device generates bubbles of the inert gas, which diffuse into the non-ferrous molten metal stored in the container to continuously remove the gas or non-metal from the container Inclusions.

The heater is completely located in the molten metal in the processing vessel. In this structure, the heater is substantially completely prevented from contacting the air. Therefore, basically no slag will accumulate on the surface of the heater. In addition, heat convection from the heater is effectively generated in the container, thereby improving thermal efficiency. In addition, due to the substantially horizontal arrangement of the heater, on the one hand, the pressure of the molten material applied to the surface of the heater is equalized, and on the other hand, the heat load on the heater is equalized. As a result, the total heat load is reduced, which is effective for extending the service life of the heater.

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