Degassing Box for Molten Metal

The degassing box for molten metal can remove hydrogen (H) and slag in molten aluminum. It has the dual functions of processing and heating. The aluminum degasser is located between the furnace and the casting machine, and its main function is to remove hydrogen and other residues. The molten aluminum degassing equipment adopts new high-silicon melt material manufacturing technology. The main components include mechanical drive, box cover, rotor, and heater.

The degassing box has an inlet for the molten metal continuously flowing in from the previous process and an outlet for discharging the molten metal to the subsequent process after the melting is completed. Degas to the subsequent process. The container includes an upper opening covered by a lid. The container is also provided with a partition wall located under the lid. The partition wall extends vertically downward so that the partition wall extends vertically downward. The space in the container is divided into an upstream chamber (degassing chamber) and an inlet. The inlet of the downstream chamber is opened, and the outlet of the downstream chamber is opened. The partition wall extends to a position spaced apart from the bottom wall of the container, thereby forming a relatively narrow channel to connect the chambers with each other.

Degassing Box for Molten Metal

The rotating gas diffusion device is used to generate bubbles of inert gas diffused into the molten metal in the container. The rotating gas diffusion device includes a rotor and a stator. The rotating shaft is inserted into the container through the hole of the cover. The inert gas is discharged from the gas source onto the molten metal, and the rotating movement of the rotor causes the discharged inert gas to be finely divided, thereby forming inert gas bubbles, which uniformly diffuse into the molten metal in the chamber. In this bubble, the gas and the non-inert gas diffuse into the chamber in a bubble. Metal inclusions are captured or captured, and float above the liquid-gas boundary for removal.

The heater is also arranged in the degassing box for heating the molten metal. The heater has a first end connected to the side wall of the container at a position adjacent to the bottom wall of the container, and extends substantially horizontally with respect to the bottom wall of the container.

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