Molten Metal Degassing System

The main function of the online degassing system is to remove the hydrogen dissolved in the molten metal, and the secondary function is to remove alkali metals and inclusions. The selection of online degassing equipment is related to the functionality of the final casting product.

According to the humidity conditions in the ambient atmosphere, the degassing unit is used to reduce the hydrogen dissolved in the aluminum liquid to a minimum and reduce the alkali metals (sodium, calcium and lithium) and inclusions in the aluminum liquid. The online molten metal degassing system is installed directly in front of the casting machine and sprays nitrogen into the molten aluminum through the graphite rotor.

Molten Metal Degassing System

The impeller installed at the end of the graphite rotor shears the gas into tiny bubbles. The argon bubbles are scattered on the surface of the liquid and react with atomic hydrogen to form diatomic hydrogen. The diatomic hydrogen escapes when the bubbles reach the surface of the molten aluminum.

The sealing structure of the online degassing equipment is designed to fully seal the box cover, the box body, and the aluminum melt inlet and outlet, which effectively prevents the slagging caused by the secondary oxidation of the aluminum melt and effectively improves the degassing effect.

The inner lining is made of high-silicon melting material and is integrally formed. It has a good effect of non-sticking aluminum and no pollution to the aluminum melt. The internal design has a baffle plate to ensure the stability of the aluminum melt surface and prevent the air and the oxides on the aluminum melt surface Being rolled into the aluminum melt, bubbles or residues flow out.

The high-speed rotor design can break the bubbles to the maximum extent and disperse the bubbles to all corners of the inner cavity in the largest range. There will be no change in the performance, and it has a long-term stable degassing effect.

The rotary degassing method, also known as the bubble floatation method, is the most advanced and effective purification method. Molten metal degassing system sprays active gas chlorine or inert gas into the aluminum melt to form bubbles. Alkali metals and inclusions in the melt are removed from alkali and impurities through adsorption and chemical reactions.

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