Fluxes for Sweden Aluminum Recycling, Refining Agent

Fluxes for Sweden Aluminum Recycling are made from a variety of salt compounds through a special process. Spray it with nitrogen or argon as the carrier and spray it evenly into the aluminum melt, the double purification of aluminum and liquid by gas and flux is realized, and refining fluxes for Sweden aluminum recycling are widely used in the smelting processing industry.

Fluxes for Sweden Aluminum Recycling

Adaptation range and dosage of Fluxes

1. When the slag gas content of general aluminum refining agent is required to be high, degas and remove slag from non-high magnesium aluminum alloy and pure aluminum.
2. Except for high magnesium, aluminum alloys are mainly degassed, the furnace charge used is polluted, the melt gas content is high, and the main bubbles in the casting are always the main quality.
3. Cast aluminum refining agent is mainly used for slag removal. It is used to melt coarse particles with a large surface area. The content of oxidized inclusions is high. Most of the non-metallic inclusions in castings are mainly quality problems.
4. Refining and refining degassing, slag removal, and purification effect is good, suitable for aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy with aluminum-silicon alloy content less than 4%.
5. Refining and modification of aluminum-silicon alloy, degassing, slag removal and modification.

Hydro will expand the aluminum recycling capacity of its Sjunnen extrusion plant in Sweden by 50% in an expansion of 11.3 million euros. The expansion will be completed by the end of 2022 and will meet the growing market demand for low-carbon aluminum profiles in all industries operated by Hydro Extrusions.

The location in Sweden is ideal for capturing usable scrap aluminum metal from local industries, which would otherwise have to be transported over long distances, increasing the cost and carbon footprint of the final product. The utilization rate of the refining agent is high, and the aluminum liquid is effectively used, the operation is simple and convenient, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

By using more process waste and scrap aluminum from local industries and extrusion plants in Witlanda and Finspång, supply more low-carbon aluminum to the local market. Recycling foundries play an important role in the transition to a green economy. Improve aluminum recycling capacity and produce more low-carbon aluminum products.

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